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    Itís a free Internet information browser for mobile devices - mDigger. You can read, organize, share and save news and images gathered from the Web on your mobile phone. Content is downloaded to your mobile device via GPRS or WiFi and is available online or offline. No desktop synchronization is needed. You can select your favorite websites from hundreds of existing channels and you can add your own RSS feeds. It's designed for Windows Mobile. All you need is to install a tiny application on your mobile device to view your favorite channels on the go.

    There are several advantages over other similar products:
    • Noticeably higher access speed
    • Cross-platform: PDAs, smartphones, PCs, Macs, iPhone
    • You can add your own websites to the service with minimal knowledge of XSL and XPath queries.
    • New sites are added based on requests from end users
    • Full screen browsing, registration via SMS, ability to organize channels into groups, etc.

    You may give it a try at
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    Do you like this better than newsbreak and spb insight ? i know they arent free.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Playdeep View Post
    Do you like this better than newsbreak and spb insight ? i know they arent free.
    In Newsbreak it looks like you are only limited to RSS feeds. With mDigger you can get information from regular websites that are listed in our catalog. Moreover, if you suggest a good information site to us that is not listed, we will most likely add it. Our technology can extract information from any site, then format it as channels, and then send these channels to your mobile device. And yes, you are right, it's free.

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