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    I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction here, I'm having trouble with my Treo 750v, it refuses to play sound, when any calls are received, the phone will vibrate, this applies to any form of incoming alert.

    Screentap sounds, other sounds flat out do not play. This is a problem I've had since firmware 1.16, I recently (about an hour ago) upgraded using the 2.18 WM6 with Loss Of Audio fix firmware which has solved nothing. I've tested to see if the speaker is at fault, this doesn't seem to be the case as calls can be taken without issue using handsfree/speakerphone. Sounds are also playing as they should through the headset.

    I've looked at various sites and checked the most obvious settings, i.e. volume, voice command being off, TTY/TDD being off... I'm at my wits end with it, hopefully you can rescue this device from being thrown in the trash.

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    I believe this is a known bug with a patch available on Palm's website. Look around there.

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    According to,case=obj(2031) the firmware that I applied to the device, version 2.18 includes that patch, the firmware notes state

    What does this update do?

    This update provides:

    Windows Mobile® 6 Professional
    Update for Loss of System Sounds enhancement
    I'm really stumped.

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