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    Ever since I updated to 1.15 I have had the backlight intermitantly turn on while in the cradle. Only occurs when charging through the cradle, and the cradle IS NOT connected to a computer, just the AC adapter.

    Anyone know how to fix this??
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    Happens to me too since update. This is particularly annoying since my cradle is next to my bed. I have been turning the screen all the way down but the keyboard still ights up. Please help!
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    After posting last night I plugged into power only cord instead of using Palm cradle and backlight never came on. So, I confirmed also that the problem only occurs with the Palm cradle. Any ideas?
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    This came up in the initial Sprint 1.15 back in August:, Starting at post #49.

    After extensive testing, I couldn't find a solution other than stopping usage of my Palm branded cradle. I now just plug it directly into the charging cable. I'd be curious to see if this happens with non-Palm branded cradles.
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    I saw that at the end of the other thread but saw no resolution and came across this thread that specifically described the problem that I am having. Are we the only 3 people with this problem or are other people just dealing with it? If we are the only 3 then I would like to try to find an answer. I have very few 3rd party apps: eWallet, Treo Community Reset, MemMaid, and Spb Backup.

    I have an innoDock that I will plug in again to see if I have the same problem tonight.
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    I have a Verizon phone and the Palm cradle. I have this problem also. A solution would be great...
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    I had this same problem using the car charger (no cradle - not trying to confuse things!) but it seemed to go away after a soft reset.
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    I have performed a soft reset atleast 5 times, does not help
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    I know some others have been experiencing this problem since updating to 1.15. I have found a solution to this issue. I covered over the "connector" part with a piece of electrical tape only allowing the power part (extreme right) to touch the treo. It immediately recognized that the power was plugged in and does not trigger the screen to randomly turn on.

    Hope this helps others.

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