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    I have a question. A couple of weeks ago my phone did a reset by itself and switched the phone back to factory settings except for my contacts and calendar. It erased all of my programs and stuff that I added. I had to go in and add my programs and stuff back to the phone, the only problem is my memory is always critically low. It is leaving me with 1.3 of memory. I don't know what to do to get my memory back. Prior to my phone resetting I always had plenty of memory on the phone even with my programs on there. Can anybody help me out with getting my memory back so that I don't have to always take that critically low memory message off of the screen. It looks like there are a bunch of junk files in my windows folder but I don't know if I can erase them or not. They are showing dates for 1980 and stuff.
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    Memmaid is a great too to find and recover unused memory. Alot of people will agree that its definently worth owning

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