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    I was wondering if there is any way to go back from an update like this? My Bluetooth has not worked well since i did the latest update. I used to have the A2DP fix on it and it was fine before. I tried to run the cab again after the update, but now it will only replacd 1 of 22 files. I am not sure if having the A2DP fix installed before I ran the ROM update effected somthing.

    I would like to try ot reinstall the 1.15, but the software won't reinstall it because it says it's already installed. The bluetooth is killing me now though. My car phone connection doesn't always pick up and people tell me they don't hear me as well.

    Is there any place I can get my hands on the older rom for the phone? Even if I had it, would it allow me to update it with an older Rom?
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    I don't know if this is possible.

    It's odd all the BT problems people are having. Mine is working just fine, maybe even a bit better.

    I did a hard reset before the update.
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    I didn't do the hard reset, I figured that the rom update would overwrite whatever it needed to overwrite anyway. Even if I can't roll back to 1.13, I wish I could reinstall 1.15. The issues has gotten really bad, even with Jetware installed.
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    Same here my bluetooth just absolutely sucks!! Just about to get rid of treo because I drive for living and bluetooth is a must. If anybody can help with this issue please let me know I love the phone but now hate the bluetooth. Thanks in advance

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