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    Any clue how I can speed-up the loading of the Tasks application on my Treo 750? It takes at least 15 seconds to load, on my old Treo 650 it was lickety-split.

    Any/all suggestions welcome except why I traded in a Palm OS unit for a Windows Mobile unit (it was not my choice).
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    15 seconds? How many tasks do you have? That sounds very very long to me
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    Try doing a soft reset, and seeing if that makes a difference. Soft reset button is under the memory card cover on the side.

    It is Windoze , and my experience with this device is that things do slow down over time unless you periodically reset it.

    Fortunately, I use Sprite Backup (not free) which automatically resets mine every night when it does my backup for me.

    Also, look into Magic Button, which is a *free* task manager utility that also replaces the OK button in the upper right corner of the screen with a close button for most apps. This also provides a really good alternative to the built in task manager.


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