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    So I have talked to Sprint 5-6 times, went to the store and talked to Palm 4-5 times and was even eccalated to level 3 tech service. I cannot get my Treo to stay connected to my AVIC-Z1 Pioneer Car Bluetooth device, my Motorola headset or my 2600.00 Sony Vaio Laptop computer. Finally I had a Sprint in-store tech person tell me its a known issue and there is nothing that she could do. She offered to swap me 700wx phones, but I asked what would that do if it was a known issue. She said if I call Sprint Customer service I might get them to do something. When I called Sprint Customer Service they asked me if I had Insurance (Which I don't) and if I have had the store replace my unit. I said no I didn't, what would that help if it is a known issue. They said I would have to go through the channels (Replace the phone) to be changed into another model handset. When I went back to Sprint today the lady who said she would swap me was on vacation. So I called Palm and talked to a few ladies where they said that they won't replace the unit after 90 days and all they could offer is level 3 tech support. So I was transferred there. He went through the troubleshooting; Hard reset, soft reset, pair, delete previous parings, etc... I told him there are numerous customers with the same problems. After this he finally admitted that he knows about this and says that he cannot help me anymore so he transferred me back to customer service. After being on hold for 10 minutes I hung up. My goal is to get swapped into another unit because of teh BT issues. The Centro is coming out in 10 days, but seems a lost cause going through Palm. What has other people done to get this corrected?? HELP!!!
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    Here's where you are headed: An official notice from Sprint saying you are being fired as a customer.

    Bug them enough, and that's what will happen.
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    ^^ He's not jokin either!!! Keep calling and they will send you a nice little letter saying, "It was nice having you as a customer but...."
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    That smells like an easy out of the two year contract LOL. If I call twice a day for the next month can I have one of those fancy letters? What happens They cant just say you're too much of a hassle to deal with were just going to void your contract? unless there is a pain in the @$$ clause in the contract I think they just pretty much have to deal with you
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    Have you tried Hannips AD2P bluetooth hack? I have had no issues with bluetooth being dropped since. It is easily installed and removed if you aren't happy with it.

    I'ld love to get a new Centro but I just got a 700wx 6 months ago. The Centro is just not worth full price.

    Good Luck with issues.
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    will the hannips hack work with a 700w on verizon?
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    where can I download this and does it work well with the 700wx and the new update or is it even needed now? pls advise thanks
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    Doesn't the 1.15 Update through Sprint/Palm include this AD2P fix???
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    Yeah, but that's obviously not working for you, is it? I doubt hannip's schweet old hack'll work, but hey, why not right? The worst you can do is find out nothing's changed

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