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    Ok I have read some threads regarding how to sync the 650 contacts to outlook with palm desktop and then the 750 will pickup the contacts via activesync.

    The problem is that I am not using activesync since i have vista on my laptop. I am using that window mobile device center from microsoft. Works ok but it will not work with the 650.

    So how do I get my contacts over to the 750? I have sent some over by email but that would take forever as I have close to 200 contacts.

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    ??? anyone????
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    i sprung for chapura pocketcopy to do the move - though i had to run it on an xp box. worked great.

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    Unless I'm missing something here, you should be able to use Hotsync (Palm) to sync with Outlook instead of Palm Desktop (should be a setting you can change in Hotsync setup). Then, just Hotsync your Palm to Outlook and when you sync your 750, all your contacts should download to your 750
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    does hotsync work with vista?

    also since I have mobile center installed will that affect anything?

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