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    Okay so I am stuck here at work(all streaming radio blocked on computer) and would like to listen to MLB playoffs on my Treo 700wx, but every site that I have gone to won't play on my Treo. So if anyone knows a station that works to listen to on my 700wx would be appreciated. Or if someone wants to share there MLB pass would be awesome too!
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    Try TCMP
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    Thank you I have tried Coreplayer, Tcpmp, resco radio and that is it so far. I may just be stuck.
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    This is another site that you can use.
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    Thanks guys I will try those and see what I come up with
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    Okay so streamcenter worked for me, since there is no MLB on right now I will check back later. Thank you everyone for the help, thats why I came here first.
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    Chances are you won't be able to get it anyway as most stations that will be broadcasting black out the games due to MLB might get lucky though and find a station below the radar that does stream it
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    someone needs a slingbox
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    Ya I actually found a local station here in Colorado that has the game on
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    ya I have going to have to read more on the slingbox and other stuff i have seen reading today. Kinda taking away from my work tho
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    off topic but do u drive a titan 04titan? lol...if so me too!! pimp trucks.. haha

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