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    So here I am in beautiful Fort Myers Beach, Florida, with no internet access. I heard I could tether my phone to my laptop for $15 a month and use my Treo's BroadbandAccess for internet. There's no wifi around my building, so I thought this was a great idea.

    I call Verizon, they add the feature to my account, and they tell me to simply use modem link and how to do it. I check, and no modem link to be found on my phone.

    Call Verizon again, turns out I had v1.02, the "original software which was released with the Treo." So he tells me how to update to v1.22, a very simple update indeed.

    Well, after installing the update and restarting the Treo, my screen is DIM!!! So dim to the point that I have to hold a FLASHLIGHT to my phone's screen just to be able to read it, or be directly under a light source shining onto the screen. I've already checked brightness settings numerous times thinking "maybe I'm just stupid and not setting it bright enough." But alas, I can't get this freaking thing to be bright.

    I've also since noticed that my screen's brightness flickers every now and then, it'll get brighter and then go back to really dim in less than a second. Sometimes I can sit here and just look at the screen and see it flickering over and over again.

    Has anyone else had this issue? I sway towards it being a hardware issue, but it happened so perfectly after restarting from the v1.22 update that it seems like it's the update that screwed it up?

    PS - If anyone ever is stuck in that situation where they have no internet access but need it, tethering your Treo to the laptop works great. EVDO speed surprisingly isn't that bad on the laptop, I load multiple tabs of pages at a time in Firefox and surprisingly it handles it pretty well. :woot:
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    You can try a hard reset but it sounds like you need to bring it into Verizon. Also you could use PDANet and pay the one time fee instead of paying 15 bucks a month extra.
    Palm Treo 700w > VZW Treo 700wx
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    Just thought this was worthy of an update. I called Verizon and they wouldn't warranty the PDA because it was purchased used on ebay and the water sensor was mysteriously missing. They told me to call Palm and see what Palm said.

    So I call Palm and they never asked about the water sensor, so of course I never mentioned it. They asked when it happened, and I insisted that it only happened after doing the update to 1.22. They put me on hold for about 5 minutes and then came back and said since the issue arose immediately after installing the update that they would replace the phone with a refurbished one ... FREE of charge.

    Phone came and wow... I can't believe I was missing that much! When I first turned it on, I was blinded with how bright it was. I went into the brightness settings to turn it down only to find it was on the 3rd tick from the left out of 11.

    Thank you Palm!!!
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    when I put my treo on the charger. And it's battery getting much warmer, I got a dim screen suddenly...but after a while, it recovers. Any idea?

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