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    I'm thinking of moving my business mobile contract to Vodafone UK so I can return to the Treo fold (after my brief spell with a Nokia E61)!

    Can anyone who's currently with Vodafone UK give me an idea of whether I really need their 'business email' package, or if I can just set up Windows Mobile Active Sync for Exchange with just a data plan?

    Is the email client on the WM6 500v radically different from the one on the WM5 750v?
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    The business email plan seems to be for people using Vodafone's own Business Email, for normal email use a standard data plan will do. I'm about to renew my contract so will see if they can add the 7.50 a month data package onto my Small Business tariff, with a 500V thrown in for good measure
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    One week later, and still no prices from vodafone UK. The link on Palms site just goes to an older Treo.

    Still Christmas is coming...........perhaps they will put one in my stocking
    Merry xmas everyone

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