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    Requires Windows Mobile 5/6, QVGA screen only (VGA not supported), and must be a touchscreen device (smartphones not supported)

    Copy to your device (via ActiveSync or another method of your choosing.)
    Open your favorite File Explorer program and navigate to the directory you stored the .cab file in.
    Click (or double-click) the .cab file to begin installation

    Upgraded to newest version of MortScript
    Fix - if you don't have MortScript installed, you should no longer have to run a seperate install for that before PeraCount works
    Added uninstall script that should clear out more of the leftovers if you uninstall
    Fixed icon so that it will show properly when PeraProfiler is loaded
    Fixed possible installation problem where it installed to wrong directory

    Today screen profile changer. Click on the plugin to select the profile you'd like to use.
    You can also navigate to the plugin using your d-pad and then make your selection using left and right on your d-pad.
    The custom profiles selection allows you to create up to two custom profiles which will then be available to the today screen plugin.
    When creating a custom profile, you will have the option of turning on or off the following:
    Bluetooth, WiFi, Infrared beams, and Cellular Data connection in addition to setting your desired volume.

    The default profiles are:
    Normal - BT on: Volume is at maximum and Bluetooth is turned on. All other items remain in their previous state.
    BT/WiFi/IR off: Bluetooth, WiFi and Infrared beams are turned off. Volume remains unchanged from it's previous state.
    Silent: Volume is muted. All other items remain in their previous state.

    Credit goes to zbop at for developing the BulletinBoard plugin used to design this software. Thanks zbop!

    Many functions made possible by the generosity of Vijay555 and his program VJVolubilis. Please visit for more about Vijay555.

    Download it at

    Feel free to link to my site, but please do not host this file on any other site.
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    Version 1.1 now available, see first post

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