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    Requires Windows Mobile 5/6, QVGA screen only (VGA not supported), and must be a touchscreen device (smartphones not supported)

    I was playing with something that zbop at came up with and decided I wanted a way to see device statistics on a single today line. So I developed PeraStats. It's a today screen plugin that shows storage, battery and memory information either scrolling or all on a single line, your choice.

    Copy to your device (via ActiveSync or another method of your choosing.)
    Open your favorite File Explorer program and navigate to the directory you stored the .cab file in.
    Click (or double-click) the .cab file to begin installation

    Post-Installation - NO LONGER NECESSARY!

    Upgraded to newest version of MortScript
    Fix - if you don't have MortScript installed, you should no longer have to run a seperate install for that before PeraStats works
    Added uninstall script that should clear out more of the leftovers if you uninstall
    Install script now clears out any previous PeraStats registry entries prior to installation
    Back by popular demand! Memory and Battery only with no scrolling

    Bug fixes - the script no longer stops running at random

    NEW - menu items are now selectable using d-pad left/right.
    ex. D-pad down to the plugin, then press the d-pad right and you will see Only Device Storage, right again moves to Only Storage Card, etc.
    Change - Reordered menu so that d-pad left/right acts in a sensible manner.
    Change - Big Font is now BIGGER. Plugin automatically resizes to allow for the bigger font.
    Removed - Scrolling (Normal), Scrolling is the same as Scrolling (Fast) used to be.
    Note - Due to the way MortScript polls the battery, when turning your device on the battery status will show as charging until MortScript is able to poll the battery.

    Additional Storage Card fixes

    Removed - Scrolling (Slow) - had to remove something to get the menu to fit onscreen.
    Added the following items:
    Memory and Battery - same as Scroll-2 at a Time, but it never changes from the Memory and Battery display
    Only Device Storage
    Only Storage Card
    Only Memory
    Fixed - error on SD card removal.
    Fixed - space greater that 1000 MB is now displayed as 1 GB.
    Change - Big Font/Normal Font now cycles between the two. If you are on normal font, selecting this will change to big font, and vice versa.

    Modified fontsize selection behavior. Now changing fontsize will change the fontsize and continue your current scrolling selection.
    Added Pause Scrolling feature that is no longer tied to a fontsize change.
    Modified installation to automatically enable the plugin.

    Added Scroll-2 at a Time
    Added Only Battery
    Added ability to change fontsize. Fontsize increased from 8 pt. to 10 pt. when using Big Font. Any larger, and the text didn't fit withing one line on the Today screen. When changing the fontsize, all scrolling will be paused until you select another scrolling option.
    Name change

    Check it out and let me know what you think !

    Feel free to link to the file at, but please do not host this file on any other site.

    Download it at
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    Version 1.6 now available, see first post
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    All of my software has had some bug fix updates.

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