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    Greetings all.

    Just moved from a 700Wx with Sprint over to ATT and was hoping this will work when my new phone arrives.

    AT&T charge any extra for this?

    Thanks to all!
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    what are you asking? if youre 700wx will work with AT&T???
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    No no sorry if I'm not clear. Will PDANET work or is DUN enabled for my new 750? Are there extra costs involved in tethering?
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    I have my 750 cinnect to my laptop using bluetooth.... works great.

    Follow the setup in other posts.... takes just a few minutes.
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    If you get the 750 running WM5, you can either user DUN (bluetooth or USB) or use PDANet. When running WM5 and DUN, I never got a stable connection using the HSDPA hack. (which enables the faster 3G speed before the WM6 upgrade) To resolve this issue under WM5 on 750, a number of folks used PDANet. For me, I just forced the network to GSM to tether at EDGE speed.

    However, with the WM6 upgrade, the HSDPA upgrade is built in. Also, DUN is replaced by Internet Connection Sharing. This basically does the same thing that PDANet does so it makes the need for PDANet uneccessary. Tethering with ICS at HSDPA speed is rock solid. I'm using the leaked WM6 ROM released at the end of July and its working pretty well. Its expected that the offical ROM will be released sometime soon for AT&T. (most other world wide carriers of the 750 have released their WM6 updates already)
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    Thanks. I'm using the leaked WM rom as well. Seems like my phone like to use EDGE a lot, which is surprising in NYC.

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