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    I have a generic Treo 750 with camera (RWE), and dying to use the phone not only during the weekends because workplace doesn't allow cameras. I'm gonna get someone to remove the camera on my Treo 750, thus voiding my warranty. Since the RWE WM6 is not out yet, I'm not sure if I should just load the 3's update for WM6 (since it is touted as the best ROM released yet) or keep it as WM5, remove the camera and load the official RWE ROM after it is released. Afraid that the latter will brick my precious (if during the update, it is detected that the camera is missing). Any advice will be great! Thanks!
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    Ok, I've taken the plunge and uploaded the 3 WM6 ROM.

    Still wish to know if there's anyone who has updated the ROM after taking out the camera. I might want to change to the official ROM in future.
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    where did you find the 3 WM6?
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    Making a search around the web/forums will get you this.

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