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    Hi everyone, I'm a longtime 650 owner migrating to a 700wx. I have a few questions, so far my searches have been kinda fruitless:

    1. Is there a working copy of dopewars for the 700wx? I found a copy but the screen is too small. It looks like its hard-coded for the longer screened pocketPCs. Also, what other games are there? Emulators?

    2. Can the vibrate power be upped? I am unable to feel it in my pocket. This was also a problem with the 650.

    3. Anyone else use the copilot GPS unit? It works fine with copilot but for the life of me I cant get it to work with google maps. Is google maps hard-coded to use a certain COM port?

    4. Must have free apps? I have skype, coreplayer, and gsplayer.

    5. Can someone recommend a cheap usb and power cable? Do they make these as a single cable? I think I saw this somewhere.

    6. Do I have to buy PDAnet? I know it has DUN, but Im not willing to buy the PAM plan.

    7. It multitasks but I have no idea what is running. I know I can look under memory in settings to kill running apps but how can I get to them? pressing OK sometimes doesnt take me back to the application.

    8. How can I make this do mp3 ringtones?

    9. Are there any browsers for this that are better than IE?

    10. Any SSH or FTP clients? Any server software for this?

    11. Any interesting or must-have hacks? Tips from the pros?

    12. Does BT use a lot of power when Im not actively using it? Its kinda a pain to shut it on and off.

    13. Is the terminal services client usable? The screen seems way too small for this. Is there a trick here I am missing?

    14. Is it possible to sync this with two computers, say my home and my work computer? Will it merge my contacts and appointments? Im afraid to try.

    15. Does this have a scripting language so I can automate stuff on it? Or perhaps point me towards a beginners guide to developing on this.

    Thanks for any responses, I really appreciate any advice anyone can give me.
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    Also, when I download apps do I want the smartphone version or the PPC version? Im assuming the PPC because of the touchscreen, but then I get issues like the screensize issue in Dopewars.
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    Lots of questions here. I'll give ou quick hints on a few of them:

    1- Tons of everything. There's also StyleTap (commercial) which will let you run actual PalmOS software, albeit at a lower resolution. Things don't look great but they work very well. I play a few games on it with no problems.

    2- I don't think so.

    3- Google Maps can work with any port. Just make sure to set up your GPS via the GPS control panel and check that Google is using the same port. It works beatifully on mine.

    4- You really should try Microsoft Live Search (free). it's a great complement to Google maps and does a few things better, like movies, traffic and turn by turn direction with GPS.

    TCPMP + Flashbundle (free) for Youtube and google video direct from IE.

    Egress (shareware) for RSS feeds.

    AE Button Plus for button customization and task manager

    I'm also using PocketThinker, similar to ShadowPlan on the Palm, except a lot faster and with a nice desktop client.

    SPB Shell and SPB Pocket Plus are both great for general streamlining of the device.

    (sorry I just noticed you said "free"... they're out there too)

    5- Same as would apply to your 650.

    7- I think by default hiting option-OK will take you to the "running programs" list, which works like Windows' task manager. But a much better option is running AE Button Plus which allows you to set up quick shortcuts for anything you want, including a cool one-handed task manager that allows you to kill and switch between tasks quickly and easily. I have mine set up for "tap and hold OK" to display the task manager, for example.

    8- I haven't actually tried this but I think it's just a matter of copying them over to the ringtones folder?

    9- IE is actually pretty good especially with Flashbundle, but OperaMini and Picsel are also outstanding in their own way.

    10- There are a few freeware FTP clients, but I would recommend buying Resco Explorer 2007 with the FTP extension if you need to do serious FTP stuff on your phone.

    11- I haven't really "hacked" my phone, it works too well

    12 - Not sure, but I never turn it off. I did turn off "incoming beams" (IR). That said, I decided to buy the Seidio 2600 extended battery which pretty much eliminated my power concerns.

    13- It's not really that usable, but it works.

    14 - no idea, I'd like to know this. Active Sync is the worst part about WM phones for me.

    15 - There's something called MortScript, search it.

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