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    Is there anyway I can disable MMS. My family has gotten into the habit with forwarding MMS messeges back and forth. So i get it from one family member, then another, then another. I keep telling them but I got some really hard headed family members. Most of the messeges are really stupid and I'm afraid of getting a virus. Plus I think they cost me money for downloading. I want to prevent them from coming to my phone. Is there any program or way that I can stop these messeges.

    Thank you in advance for any suggestions or help.
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    You can't block just 1 or 2 addresses, you'd have to totally turn of SMS all together by calling Alltel and taking the feature off your account. But then you wouldn't be able to send/receive any Text from anyone, BTW MMS is multimedia messaging (Pic/Flix) which the Alltel 700wx doesn't have.
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    You'd have to call your provider to get MMS disabled.

    By the way, you're not going to get a virus on your 700w. That's next to impossible since there essentially are none out there.

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