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    I may have a scoop, but I want to check w/ the regulars here before I go blabbing.

    Have any of you heard of the 750 coming to Verizon like, "imminently?"

    Secondly, is the 750 basically the same as the WX? I've got a W that I can't stand because of its lack of stability and was going to switch to the WX when the extremely attractive verizon sales rep talked me out of it and into waiting for the 750...
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    The 750 is a GSM phone so unless Palm have made a CDMA version, which I think is unlikely, then I doubt very much Verizon will be getting it. If rumours are to be believed then their next Treo will be the 800w.
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    I was on the phone today with vzw and asked about the 755 and he said yes it was coming soon and the neat thing about it was that it ran WM not POS. I was pretty clear with him in my question, so its funny that this thread popped up now.

    that would be cool.
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    I think the latest VZW spreadsheet showed the following

    755p (POS)
    755w (WM?)
    800w (WM?)

    I think in that order... but VZ has been lagging majorly... so who knows???
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    Can't see why Palm would waste time developing a 755W if the 800W is that close to release
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    Talked with Verizon Customer Service this past weekend and asked about the 755P and when it was coming. She wouldn't say when, but she had been trained on it recently and that it was "cool". Not going to assume this means it is coming any time soon though. She didn't say anything about any other Treos.

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