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    Just to be nostalgic, I wanted to use the old, familiar "You've Got Mail!" WAV file that is originally from AOL, when I get an email or a text message. I downloaded the WAV file and stuck it in the \Windows folder in the main memory (not the \Storage Card memory). I can play the WAV file on my Treo in Media Player, but not in the Sounds & Notifications player. I noticed that all the other sounds in there are MIDI files, not WAV files.

    I did the Settings->Sounds & Notifications->Manage->Add... to add the file. It showed up in the list of sounds. I even renamed it to UGotMail.wav, as someone suggested, (8.3), but it still doesn't work. When I use that sound, I hear nothing when I get an email.

    Any ideas?
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    Have you tried putting the wav in the Windows/Rings folder (if you have one)?
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    I discovered the answer - I guess you have to use MP3 files. I put an MP3 version of the same sound file in there and it worked immediately. I renamed it to 8.3 format, (UGotMail.mp3, from Youve Got Mail.mp3).

    Hope this helps someone else!

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