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    1. do i have to have two in boxes. or is there a way to get only one that syncs with outlook and will also check my email. when i setup active sync it adds outlook email to my phone but wont let me send receive from it or set it up to send and receive. So to receive no email i have to add a new account then i have two separate in boxes on my phone. big pain in the
    2. all my emails to my phone say [no sender] [no subject] in the in box. but the info is there when i open the email. there has to be a way to fix this.
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    I have the same problem, have you found a solution?
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    If you're sync'ing to a MS Exchange Server (Outlook), you can't send and receive, only sync through Activesync. If your company is pushing e-mail, then you probably need to change the mailbox address to your webmail address and see if it connects. If they don't push it, you can't get it that way.

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