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    My treo 750 has recently started to have a U up by the signal meter instead of the a G which has been there since I got the phone a couple months ago.

    I know its a newbie question but I couldnt find any info about it anywhere.

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    cool... UTMS instead of GPRS... it sounds like your area just got 3G turned on (broadband Internet). You never had an E ?
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    Cool. I dont have a net package yet and not sure if I will get one but its good to know the speed is there.

    Nope. Never had a E. Whats the E stand for?
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    E= EDGE which is the faster protocol on the GSM/GPRS network.
    U= UMTS which is an completely different frequency and anywhere from twice as fast at EDGE to 8-10x faster. UMTS also allows you to have simultaneous voice and data which means you can be talking on the phone and receive emails and texts (just remember to turn off your email alerts or the phone will ring or vibrate in your ear while talking on occasion). In order to get the really fast speed you need to get the HSDPA speed. HSDPA is a different protocol within the UMTS frequency that goes faster. See the HSDPA sticky thread in this section--tons of commentary. If/when you get WM6 loaded on your device the U will switch to an H--for HSDPA when you have that service going. On mine the only time I see the H is when data is actually being sent and received--otherwise it falls back to a 3G, I believe the U is no longer used anymore but it is the same as 3G.
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    Cool .. so that's what E stands for! I was like living on the 'edge' tryin to figure out what that E is for. Tried to do a lookup on Google but nothing came up. I'm using T-Mobile prepaid at the moment. Could anyone suggest a nice and cheap data plan in US? Thanks!
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    WM5 always showed G in an EDGE area. WM6 shows E.
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    Quote Originally Posted by holmes4 View Post
    WM5 always showed G in an EDGE area. WM6 shows E.

    Actually, I still get both with WM6. Sometimes is a G but mostly an E.
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    Yes, WM6 shows you G, E, 3G and H
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    What I was trying to say was that with WM5, you'd see G for both GPRS and EDGE. With WM6, there's a separate E for EDGE. I have seen G show up too - I guess that's when it doesn't "see" EDGE capability, as most of AT&T's network is EDGE at least.
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    I have wm5 and see U or G depending. in the city U, in the country G.

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