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    I love my treo 750, but lets face it - its not the slickest phone on earth. Weekends usually mean party and clubs and all. I feel that treo 750 is little bit "thick" for putting into jeans while dancing and all. Plus, I notice people, even my treo lover friends, using Razr or Samsung slide phones whenever we go to clubs. I know there are people out there who use different phone just for weekends for some reason or the other. Please share what phone do you use during times when times when treo is not as "handy" or easy to take!!
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    755p for work. Samsung u740 on the weekends
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    700p 24/7
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    Cingular 3125
    AT&T Treo 750 (Unlocked) WM6

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    I swap the SIM card out of my Treo on weekends and nights when I am heading out. I like to remove the temptation to be tethered to my email and the small size is great. Not to mention the battery lasts forever and since mine is only about 4 months old it get UMTS speed too, which is cool.
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    my bb pearl or 8800 if i need gps
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    Sometimes I use Samsung Blackjack for the weekends. Recently I keep carrying my 750 for the weekends though.
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    Usually I use my 750, even on weekends, but if I'm going out at night I like to take my Nokia 8801. It looks good, and has a battery that only lasts for a few hours.
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    When the whistle blows on Friday, I put my SIM in my Moto Razr for the weekend. No work email, a slim form factor and great battery life all weekend long (and then some).
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    For the weekends and or going out, i use an unlocked iphone....i know but its a real gurl
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    iPhone always when I go out. No problem sticking it in my pocket, a/ room for a pack of stogies too.

    I used to use a razr before I got the iPhone.

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