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    Yes, I did a search beforehand and nothing seems to work on my 700wx. I hope I'm just overlooking something. Here's what I've tried so far:

    - Doing a reset
    - Deleting all of my voicemail
    - Leaving myself a new voicemail and deleting it
    - Using Verizon's personal options to turn off the message indicator in the voice mail menu.
    - Start ->Settings -> Phone -> I found nothing to turn off the voice mail indicator
    - Start ->Settings -> Sounds & Notifications -> Notifications tab, changed voice mail options to not display a message on the screen

    It's still saying I have voicemail on the top bar and the left screen button is for voicemail instead of text messaging. The only mod I've done is installed threaded sms but that was over a month ago.

    Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
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    Start - Today - Menu - Preferences - Phone Settings - Services - "Clear Voicemail Icon"
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    Thanks for the quick reply, but on my 700wx the path you gave takes me to the same screen as
    Start -> Settings -> Phone ->

    On that screen there are four tabs (Phone, Services, Dialing, Security). None of these say anything about voicemail or icons. I'm so lost at this point.
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    Mine does. I have Sprint 700wx.

    When I select the Services tab, there's a big huge "Clear Voicemail Icon" button right below the box with the list of services to change. You can't miss it if you have it.

    What version of Windows Mobile do you have loaded?
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    Verizon 700wx 1.20 here, and we don't have the "Clear Voicemail List" option in the Services tab.
    Treo 700wx
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    I've got a Verizon 700wx running Windows Mobile Version 5.0
    OS 5.1.195 (Build 14932.2.2.2)

    I guess we're not good enough to get a clear voice mail icon option.
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    That obmission alone is reason to never sign up with Verizon. That and their annoying commercials.
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    Yeah, I had to switch to Verizon a few years ago for work. They only reimburse us if we're on the "company plan" they negotiated. What's funny is that I had a better lan through T-Mobile.

    Now if I can just get rid of this damn VM icon!
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    So I've searched all over the internet, even read the instruction manual, and I can't find any way to reset this damn voicemail indicator!

    I called in to Verizon's tech support and they want to back up my phone, do a hard reset, and reprogram it.

    Wow, what a project.
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    Well it's fixed!

    I woke up this morning and there's no more vm indicator. I have no idea how it happened, but it seems to have fixed itself.

    Very strange

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