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    Can someone (Surur?) who can remember or find the specific release dates for the 750 in each market (Voda Europe, Voda Asia, AT&T) post those dates as compared to the release dates of the WM6 upgrade to see if there is any pattern. I'd like to see what a projected release date for the official AT&T WM6 release might be based upon that.

    I know that different carriers have different testing requirements, different marketing strategies, yada yada yada, but just wanted to see if there was any semblance of a pattern that could be projected.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Lets see:


    Released 4/10/2006
    WM6 29/8/2007
    Difference 11 months


    Released 20/02/2007
    WM6 7/9/2007
    Difference 7.5 months


    Released 8/1/2007
    WM6 (at least 9.75 moths)

    No obvious conclusion to be drawn, except that its likely to come very soon.


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