Couple big issues...
1. In terms of when you type a name on, certain times certain names do not even come up even though they are in your contacts. if you got to the today screen you can pull up those names and go text message that way but not from the app. If you do a soft reset most often it works fine after that...what causes this?

2. Also when a person is sending a text to mutiple recipients like ten people, and you already have conversations in your inbox from different people. Often times once the message is done being sent, the people whome you have sent the new message to, their name appears as the display name on your already existing inbox that glitch or what is that? cause then the text really never goes through. Example ( i send a message to jenny, karen, steph) inbox conversation is with kelly, liz, haily. After the message is sent The kelly conversation will display Jenny but when you open the message its still kelly, and in the meantime kelly never got my message).

Hope someone can help and knows what im talking about cause if not it can sound confusing