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    I used to have a Nokia before, and on that I could send a text as SMS to other phone or as email to an email address, without any internet or data plan. That email used to go from my email address. Now, after many months and for first time since I got Treo 750, I needed to send a message to an email address. I do not have any data plan, so cant use outlook as such. Tried to enter email address in the messaging app, but it wont accept the email address as destination address. I am wondering if its possible to send a short text only email without making use of data or needing to wait for syncing outlook email.

    Please help if you know.
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    Yes you can email a text. I suppose it'll count against your messaging, none the less, it can be done. Same as receive a text from an email as well.
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    I thought so. But seems like the problem is in my Email center number. Under messaging->menu->options there is a messaging center number and a email center number. In my phone email center number field is empty, i guess thats why I cant receive the messages. Could someone please tell me what email center number could be for old AT&T wireless customers.

    Thanks for help guys!!

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