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    1) Trying to download Opera mini 4 beta 2 from http:// It sits with the download progress bar at the top of the PIE window, but no progress. I have downloaded cabs 'n stuff from other sites w/o issues.

    2) Is there anyway to change the 5way to scroll page up/down instead of link hopping?

    3) Can "notes" default folder be changed, maybe even a few folders deep?

    4) Some instances username/passwords don't stick for long. W/O clearing cookies, from one visit to the next, I would have to re enter.
    There were a few other ones, I shoulda jotted them down, sheez
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    The ones I can answer

    2) Not by default, but PIE+ has this option I believe.

    4) Disable the proxy server (search for the method. In WM6 it is a program, but with wm5 it requires more of a hacking-type change)

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