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    For my birthday in June, I recieved the Treo 750. As buggy as they are, I've delt with it all. Unlike most people who have a problem with their phone not ringing, my phones rings but has stopped vibrating all together.
    Initially, when this problem would occur, I just took out the battery, waited a while, stuck it back in, and poof, problem fixed. However this last time, I've done everything and I havent been able to fix it. So for the last 3 days, I've had to leave it on the ringer tab.
    I called Tech Support but since I called from my cellphone they wouldnt help. Being a student, I dont have a line line in my apt (cell phones are the new land lines nowadays anyhow!) I tried to talk with one of those "online ppls" since I didnt have to be on my phone, but no dice there either.

    They really are making this hard!

    Anyhow, I'd like to try and get a replacement phone, but I dont want toget the runaround. Whats the easiest way I can go about it with no excuses?

    I pay over $100 a month for my services and now I'm paying for missed calls and text msgs because I'm not one of those people who goes out having their cell phone ringers super loud for the whole world to hear. Not to mention, where I live, I get zero reception in my apartment and in all my universitys buildings. Dont worry, I've already filed a report for that. But its all AT&T customers down here, my old roommate never had reception either. Why does everyone else get all the fun on their cell phones? We've only got like what? A population of 50k? Thats enough ppl right? To make us special enough for our own tower or something?

    Thanks for the replies in advance!
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    Try a hard reset. Remember to to either sync your phone with your desktop application or do a back up to your memory card first.


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