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    I needed to do a hard reset, and I thought I had the cab file for Sprite 5.0 on my storage card... well guess what... not there...

    So I figured I'd go to sprite, download 5.0 and I'd be cool... oh there's 5.1... it should still work... wrong...

    As I've now learned 5.1 will not restore 5.0 backups... (yeah I know I should have upgraded a long time ago and I wouldn't have this problem.. stupid me for not being on top of it)...

    I have the file on my "storage" desktop at home, which is turned off, so I can't grab it with "logmein" (awesome program, free, works with the treo and better than "gotomypc"... plus it's made by Hungarians)... so I'm striking out everywhere today.

    If anyone knows where I can download the cab file for 5.0 I'll love you forever... well at least for the rest of the afternoon...

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    what if you take the file off your home desktop and email it to yourself using logmein ? you cant do file transfers with the free version , but that doesnt stop you from emailing files through an email client ...

    ugh ... now that i re-read your post i realize that what i had to say is meaningless and down right foolish ... sorry dude
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    If you still need it, email me. I have a copy of v5.


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