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    I too would like to downgrade to 1.13 or 1.14. Has anyone found a way to do this yet?

    Also as a sanity check - with 1.15 your are getting Error 678 when you try to do PAM tethering?
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    Am I missing something here? I upgraded to 1.15 and I am still able to connect with pdanet just fine...
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    Quote Originally Posted by sabr49 View Post
    Am I missing something here? I upgraded to 1.15 and I am still able to connect with pdanet just fine...
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    We are trying to do PAM tethering without PDANet. This does not work with 1.15. So any advice on the downgrade to 1.13 or 1.14?
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    Have any of you tried USB Modem?

    You can find it by GOOGLING: "USB MODEM"

    It's only $19 bucks.

    I tried PdaNet and WHEN it worked, it worked well. I kept getting errors while using it that became too problematic and found USB Modem.

    It works with Windows and MAC O/S.

    Haven't have a problem with it yet. Been using it for a few months now.

    I COMPLETELY understand all of you who want the out of the box functionality of having DUN from the units. So do / did I.

    And I too know how much self-gratification you get when you play around with a hack and get it to work.

    BUT... I literally spent a few months of my time trying to find a work-a-round for the disabled DUN on my 700wx and all said and done, my time is worth more than the few bucks it cost for the software. Also, as far as I know, you don't have to worry that any future updates will disable the functionality that either of these programs offer. Or maybe you do...I don't know. I am not a techie...

    I also bounced back and forth about which software to purchase...the PdaNet program or the USB Modem program. One is half the price than the other. Also, there really isn't too much information about USB Modem out there. I tried the trial they offer and fell for it.

    Both accomplish the same thing. They allow DUN. Like I said, I personally had some issues with Pdanet of which I didn't experience ANY with USB Modem. That in combination with the fact that USB Modem is cheaper, I went with USB Modem.

    Not attempting a sales pitch here... Just wanted to make those aware of USB Modem who didn't even know it existed.

    Happy Treo'in...
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    How do I check which version I have? Thanks!!
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    It looks like USB Modem (by Mobile Stream) is now $24.95? I've never tried it. I've had PdaNet for 2 years now. Works like a charm. Unless I'm wrong, the difference between the two is that PdaNet will do BT DUN (I use it all the time), but USB Modem only works (as it's name) via USB? So it's a question of $10 more for BT DUN I suppose.

    Folks, both companies give you free trials. Try them and see if either suits your needs for the money.

    I have to admit that I'm on VZW, so using third party software has been the only option I've ever had, but PdaNet was the best $34 I ever spent. I do understand all the Sprint user's frustration over losing a feature they once had. That is rather annoying. However, technically we should all be paying an additional $15-$20/month for PAM (or BroadbandAccess Connect on VZW), right?
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    The $24.95 is for the PALM O/S. The WINDOWS O/S is still $19.95.

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    ...not that USB Modem is USB-only!
    PDANet runs a client application on your laptop, and the conection is initiated from the handheld. I've used it quite satisfactorily for years.
    USB Modem (despite its name, also Bluetooth capable) implements DUN on the handheld, and the app on the handheld toggles DUN availability on/off, but the conection is initiated from the laptop as a standard DUN connection. MobileStream includes specific device drivers for the laptop OS so that the handheld is recognized as a modem when the device is tethered.
    I have a Nokia N800 tablet that cannot run the PDANet client (It's a Linux machine) and in that situation, USB modem is the only one of the two that works.
    Note that I have only used the PalmOS version (to get around the Treo 650's hobbled OEM BT DUN profile), but I assume the WM version operates similarly.
    I will be trying the WM version on my Tilt soon, since the N800 does not presently have the ability to use internet connection sharing without a bit of Linux savvy.
    Last edited by Rusty J; 01/11/2008 at 04:27 AM. Reason: sorry for the lack of coherence - I'm posting this from my Tilt. :)
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