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    When you are on the go, the faster you can get the information you need, the more efficient and productive you are. To achieve this, Gx5 introduces UltimateSearch, a today screen plug-in that gets you the information you need in the fastest possible manner. This beautifully designed search gadget gives you instant access to all the key search engines you need to access when you are on the move. Search Engines include Google, Local Business and Services, Yahoo oneSearch , Wikipedia, and many more. UltimateSearch gives you pin point accurate results because we have sensibly divided your search into specific categories. Not only do you now search sensibly, but you will be searching smarter. To learn more, please visit
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    Hey there!

    I downloaded it, registered user here and was hoping that there was a way in the new version for hiding the keyboard if I clicked on the window by mistake during the day but there is none yet. Please consider adding that to the product, besides that works great for me.
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