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    I'm slowly learning the ins and outs of my new wx after years with Palm Treos. On the Palm I used Chatteremail and was very used to it. So my questions revolve mainly around functions which only took one finger/hand in Chatteremail. Specifically, when you were looking at a list of messages, you could scroll to highlight one, press the 'd' key and it would delete it. Likewise, you could hit the mail hotbutton to switch from one folder to another. Are there ways to get to different folders in your Exchange folder hierarchy without accessing the folder menu? Likewise, any easier way to delete then hitting the left hotbutton (or whatever they call it) to bring up the menu and the scrolling down/hitting 'd'?

    Another question which is more of an Outlook/Activesync question. I took pictures with my Treo 700p and 650 before that and attached those to contacts, then when I synced, these would show up in my Outlook. However, most of my contacts don't have this. I have pictures for a lot of my contacts as seperate images, and recently tried inserting one into my Outlook 2007. It seemed to work fine. I just browsed to the image (it was a full resolutiong 1-2MB image), and added it. The problem came when I synced to my wx (I didn't get to try it with my 700p since I did it after I made the switch). When I synced, that one contact didn't sync. It gave me an error, but it was just a meaningless (to me) number. I'm assuming it had to do with that image, since when I recreated the contact record, it synced fine, and my other contacts with images from the older Treos also synced fine and the images synced. My question revolves around whether others have inserted images into their Outlook and how that's worked for them? Do I need to shrink the image to a certain size before importing? That would be a big pain to do for 50-100 contacts!

    Finally, since I'm here, I thought I'd pose one more question. I'm not thrilled with the selection of ringtones for the wx. Is there a small freeware app to install mp3 ringtones (like minitones on Palm Treos)? Or can you do it without this? Any freeware or shareware set of mp3 (or other ) ringtones that are available that anyone can point me to - basically just need to get educated about the options here and how they work - if there's a reference to something that explains it, that would be great too!
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    For the ringtones, you can just transfer any MP3 to the phone and use it as a ringtone...

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