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    i love it. it looks just amazing... the only thing is, i notice when i leave my phone sitting for a couple minutes it seems to go into hibernate mode thus forcing the slide2unlock to be unresponsive until 3 or 4 clicks to turn my device back on... is there anything i can change in the settings to get rid of that unresponsiveness. i've already played around with settings and such. any suggestions?

    also i do not have a data plan on my treo will weather programs and other programs that need to be updated ie. weather work without it?
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    That is a known glitch (having to press the on button a couple/few times) with this app that a lot of people do not use it because of. I live with it, and love the app. I have been with A_C almost since day one, and he is sharp, so I don't doubt that if we stick with him, he will figure it out. As far as, unless you have a data plan to update a weather app (WeatherPanel, SPB Weather....) you can't have it showing a weather indicator....sorry.

    That being said, go over to this new thread:

    It is a new version that he is is stripped down (for now), so no weather, missed call,dialer ID..... are included yet. The idea is that he has trimmed the memory footprint considerably, and it is supposed to be more responsive. I haven't had a chance to test it too much yet, but you may want to give this version a shot.

    Good luck, I would love a lot of us WX users to help out A_C, the more of us that do, the better suited the results will be for us!!!
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    will do! i just wanted to know if my phone was the only one that was "laggy" A_C is brilliant! thanks!
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