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    Hello everybody

    one bad thing on Samsung's Blackjack is the access to symbols and umlauts.
    In Germany we need lots of umlauts. There is the Q9h much better.
    A long pressing on key A shows a small menu with some special A-characters.

    Does anybody know how this is solved on the 500?

    If it's better than on Blackjack --> I wait for the 500;-)

    Thanks a lot!

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    On the 750v you press the ALT key before the letter and that brings up a list with all the alternatives. I expect that it's a feature built into Windows Mobile 6.0 and possibly 5.0 as well
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    mhm, I thought it too, but on Blackjack there is no such option-key.
    long pressing types aaaaaa. There is only a symbol-key, but this shows a complete list of special characters (about 4 pages). and german umlauts are not on the first page...

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