ActivePrint Basic (for the Pocket PC) - save 30% from

By using the software on your desktop or laptop, ActivePrint gives you the ability to print many of the standard mobile document
types like Mobile Word and
Mobile Excel. But while many other mobile printing solutions stop there, ActivePrint breaks through with support for more than 80
document types and all
of your Mobile Outlook items including Appointments, Contacts, Tasks and your Inbox messages.

ActivePrint also keeps you from having to run back to your printer every time you want to print something. Instead, just add your
documents to the ActivePrint
queue while in the field, and ActivePrint will automatically begin printing your documents the next time you connect your Windows
Mobile device to your desktop
or laptop.

While most mobile printing solutions only give you one method of getting your
documents to your printer, ActivePrint gives you three: Via Wireless Network, Via Sync Cable, Via SD or CF Card.

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