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    > *Ed Note: Malatesta checks in with a great tutorial on RSS and why it makes your mobile life better. If you're not already subscribed to the WMExperts RSS Feed, here's the link to our feed. As Malatesta writes below, RSS really is like "TiVo for your favorite websites." If you're not using it now, you should be.*

    RSS or Really Simple Syndication (as of RSS 2.0) is a method by which a user can check updates on his or her favorite website, blog, news site etc without having to actually “visit” that site through their web browser. Instead, the information or “feed” is retrieved automatically and brought to the user instead The benefits are simplicity and speed as you don’t have to check every website to see “what’s new” but rather you can just view the headlines directly.

    The purpose of this tutorial is to introduce this technology to the Windows Mobile user who may not be aware of how this system can dramatically increase productivity and decrease frustrating browser load times.

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    There is a pretty cool mobile newsreader that delivers RSS feeds and your favorite websites directly to your mobile phones. It's called mDigger.

    In essence, it's a free Internet information browser for mobile devices. You can read, organize, share and save news and images gathered from the Web on your mobile phone. Content is downloaded to your mobile device via GPRS or WiFi and is available online or offline. No desktop synchronization is needed. You can select your favorite websites from hundreds of existing channels and you can add your own RSS feeds. It's designed for Windows Mobile. All you need is to install a tiny application on your mobile device to view your favorite channels on the go.

    Give it a try at

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