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    I normally use my Treo with Cingulars WM6 outside the US. However, I am in the US now with a Cingular SIM card, and it is constantly connecting to the Internet. However, there is no programs running. I tried soft reset, but it keeps happening. When I disconnect, it stays disconnected, but then I look at it a little while later, and I find it connected again.
    Does this have something to do with the Cingular network, or is it some setting?
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    I have a push email app that keeps me connected all the time, but if nothing is running it shouldn't. Did you hold down the ok key and confirm nothing is running?

    Also, I assume you have the arrows underneath your data connection and not just the letter itelf. The arrows indicate the connection is active the letter just means it is available.
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    I have the arrows, and I heldd down the OK. I even did a soft reset.

    On Nokia phones, there is a setting for GPRS that is "always on" or "when needed". Is there maybe some similar setting in the treo?
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    I'm having the same concerns. I know if its not connected ie. setup a fake ISP connection on the Treo 750, it only shows a big "G" at top beside the antenna icon.

    However if its connected (persistent connection), it shows "3G" in a box, and below it are two arrows. Does this mean 3G is ON or just available?
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    From what I know, even though the status showing connected, it does not have any data transmit therefore you don't need to worry about the roaming data charges. Of course, if you choose, download email while roaming, it may be a different story.

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