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    I had my Outlook working right on my 700xw, and man is it ever addictive. This morning my internet connection messed up so bad that the Sprint rep on the phone had me go through a hard system reset/reload. Afterward I put in my exchange server address, username, password and domain and hooked back up to my Outlook.

    The problem is that I am only seeing the last email I received before the reset. On my other clients (laptop, home computer and work computer) I am seeing all the messages I have kept on the server (328 messages) but on my Treo I am only seeing that last message since the "crash" and all the messages since then. I am sending and receiving new messages just fine.

    Is there some setting I am missing?
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    i believe there is a setting , about how many prior days of email you wish to delete....
    Under ActiveSync, under options for MAIL, look at that I believe.


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