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    I just moved into a house in August and found that at my new place, there is horrible Sprint coverage (Treo 700wx). I tried everything, and I don't want to leave them because I have a sweet deal, but I have a home based business so spotty coverage kills me.

    So I am thinking of moving to AT&T, which I know gets good coverage here - and moving to the new Treo 750. I know the downside is it's not on a 3g network, although that is possibly coming soon I think I read? Anyhow, I just use it mostly to check my email when I am away from the office which is not that often, so I think I can live with it.

    Just wondering if anyone has any advice - if I like the Treo 700wx, I am assuming I will like the 750....but I just wanted to throw it out there to see what others may think. Thanks in advance.
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    What about some type of in-house signal booster? If you like Sprint and the 700wx so well, it might be an option. But to answer your specific question, though I never used a 700wx, I can't imagine you wouldn't like the 750 as well, if not better with WM6 - IMHO.
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    Yeah I tried that - to no avail. I just don't think the signal is strong enough. It's the same even if I am out in my yard, or anywhere near on this block.
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    Wait and get the Samsung i780, that's what I would do right now in your position.

    But if you need a phone now the 750 is the best AT&T phone right now w/WM, IMO
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    The right amplifier/repeater setup will work even if there's almost no signal outside. We use them in sattellite offices around ports where there are no cell towers. It basically taps into a distant signal and makes a mini cell site. The result: maximum signal strength 24/7.
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    Do a search here for Airave. If you have high speed Internet it will solve your signal issue
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