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    Ok, I have a few things bugging me that I cant seem to fix. Please help with all or any of these issues if you can.

    1. I did the Activesync trick but when I soft reset, it starts. How do I stop that??

    2. Im running iLauncher and had WM5NewMenu. Dumped newmenu but the left key still defaults to the name I gave it in NM. I go to the registry, 112 key, rename/retask to SMS/Messaging.exe, soft reset and its good. But, if I go back to the reg, its back to the old. How can I make the 112 reg change stick for good??

    3. I have Resco Explorer 2005 v5.41. I dont however have a registration code for it. Can I still go buy this version or is there a secret code out there??

    Thanks for any help you can share.

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    As for you second probelm you might just need to hard reset your phone. That should definitely take care of the issue.

    As for your third issue, you might as well buy the 2007 verison of Resco Explorer. And as for a secret code, we don't talk about those kind of things in this community.
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    Thanks dimitri. I was trying to avoid a hard reset but that may be the only answer.

    As for the secret code, I wasnt asking for any pirate info at all.

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