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    well i had bought the phone from a co-worker of mine and when he had it, on the today screen, there was a row of program icons that were there and when i did a hard reset on the phone i have yet to find the setting to get that row of most used item icons. he said he did not download anything to get that and did not remember how to do it. when i went on a trip to the verizon store to transfer service, one of their treos had that row of icons. how would i get that? i tried 3rd party stuff but it looks janky, i liked the "oem" look of the one that used to be on my phone.

    sorry about the wall of text.
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    then the only icons I have been able to show are the MSN ones.

    Go to

    menu>today settings>Pocket MSN

    the today screen will show icons for Pocket MSN, MSN Mobile Home, Msn Messaging and MSN Hotmail
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    I also have a friend that had icons I never saw before, and we think it is because he used wireless syncing to sync with his PC. I guess what you set the Treo to use wireless sync, the icons are activated on your Today page. I have not tried it because I have no need for the icons, but it may be worth a shot. Maybe someone can confirm this theory before you try it, but I don't think it would hurt to give it a shot.
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    The icons you saw were from the wireless sync email app.

    Go to to learn more about Verizon's wireless sync product, it's free with your data plan

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