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    is there a way to have a nickname of a person coming up instead of their full last name, first name. i dont want to delete the info i just want to have the nick-name show up when they are calling and in my call log? I hope i explain this right
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    If you add the contact to your speed dial buttons on your today screen -- whether you have that plug-in show or not, you can change the display to show anything you want. I have my wife as a speed dial button and the Label for that button, is "My Sweetie". When she calls "My Sweetie" shows on the screen.
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    There are tons of "workarounds" regarding the MS Outlook format being used for a dialing directory. But the bottom line is that the original intent of MS Outlook was not to be used as a dialing directory. Its best use is as a PIM and/or Contact manager.

    That being said, its extended capabilities bring so much more functionality to the table than the standard cell-phone dialing directory (with one field for entire name) that the trade-off is worth it, to me.

    The trick to using the POL (Pocket MS Outlook) style contacts with a PDA is to learn how to use the fields the way you want. Not necessarily the way they are labled.

    I have many entries with multiple words in the name. Example: I might have "Ben Montgomery Cell Phone", or Mary Jennings Real Estate Cell", etc.

    If I entered these directly, they would display like..."Phone, Ben Cell" and/or "Cell, Mary Real Estate" or some derivative thereof because MS Outlook automatically assigns multiple words to First, Middle, Last names (even if you didn't intend them to be that way).

    So... I have found my solution. When I have multiple words in a contact entry, I pull down the "Full Name" menu and enter the entire string into the "First Name" field. This causes the entire string to be shown, in normal forward order, when you call and receive calls. That's what I prefer.

    In your case, you could enter only the nickname into the Name field and then use the Company name (for example) for the full name, if you like. Or maybe the home/work address for the full name. Whatever.

    Note: POL does not support the "Display as" field in the real MS Outlook.


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