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    i recently purchased this phone and had 2 questions...

    1) how do you have it where you can put someones birthday on your contact info and have it appear in the calender automatically?

    2) is there an alarm clock?

    thanks in advance!!!
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    1)I could be wrong, but I don't think you can do that.
    2)Yes: Settings -->System tab -->Clock & Alarms
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    when u put the person in your contact along with there birthday mm/dd/yy it should come up all the time and send you a reminder 15 min before
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    thanks for the help...but for some reason i can't get my phone to do the birthday thing. oh wells maybe i'll try call sprint on that one.
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    Under contacts edit you'll see a place for address, etc. Scroll down there is as b-day section. Comes up every year as a reminder.

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