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    I am getting pretty sick of some of the speed delays on my Treo 680, yet I still like the simplicity.

    When I picked up a Treo 750 with WM5 on AT&T a few months ago, I didn't like it. Is WM6 really THAT much better? and on T-Mobile USA?

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    ill let you know when i get mine this week!
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    What didn't you like about e-mail on the 750? I don't see much difference between the 750 with WM5 and with WM6 other than HTML e-mail. The speed is fine.
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    Lets see...
    - Delete key moved to left soft key
    - Hot key list like hold d to delete, hold m to move
    - Start typing and filter all emails down by subject or sender this is hugh.
    - HTML emails using pop3 or 2007 exchange.
    - Improved minisd card holding attachments.

    That is off the top of my head.

    WM6 upgrades rock.

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    Just don't expect fast sync times to a POP3 account. WM6's version of PocketOutlook still has the SSL bug BUT no longer supports the ForceOffSSL regedit to workaround the problem.

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