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    I posted this at ppcgeeks, but figured some would want it here too.

    This is not for the Palm threaded SMS users as you have some of this already, plus it may conflict.
    This is a neat piece of software, still in development so it's not perfect.

    Basically, it adds animated emoticons (smiley) to your SMS notifications and now the message itself in your inbox.

    It also adds the contact's Picture to the notification, like Palm SMS, as well as resizes the message to fit all on one screen, plus gives a bunch of options to dismiss, delete, reply, forward or call back the sender.

    Make sure you setup the settings under Settings --> System --> SmileySMS

    I'm attaching the latest beta/test release: 1.5

    Please follow the thread though at XDA and report bugs/requests there for him to follow.

    --> Original XDA Thread (Developer: roozbeh)

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