Is there a good contact management/editing program (other than Outlook) that i can get for my PC so that I can sync my contacts or Download them somehow. When I got my Treo the store transferred all of my contacts to the sim card and did it that way (i would have just figured out how to beam em, if I could. Anyway the problem is that if i had a contact named Dave S and he had three numbers now it looks like Dave S, Dave S1. Dave S2, same with about half of my contacts.

Its so much faster to edit on the PC and make the changes, copy/past numbers, etc. So does anyone have a good idea how I can do that, are there any (preferably free, but if not thats OK) programs out there that do this. Also if anyone has a recommendation for a better contact manager than the basic one for WM5, im all for that

TIA, for any help