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    Here's what I'd like to do. I have a Treo 700w, with the latest Palm updates installed yesterday. I'd like to be able to share my EVDO internet connection with another small electronic device while I'm in my car over wifi. Wifi is my only option - Bluetooth is not available on the client device. So what I'm wondering is, does anybody think it would be possible to do this with a wifi card? I see that several of the wifi cards out there allow ad hoc peer-to-peer networking - has anybody ever set this up and been able to share their internet connection as well as files? I'd like to know if it's possible before I blow $80-$100 on a Palm wifi card. Thanks to all
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    Prompted by your question, I had a look around, and found a way to make it work.Its not simple, but not too complicated either.

    The instructions are mostly on this page here.

    The short version (to guide you) is
    a) install java on your device (not the midlet version). The tutorial recommends creme.

    b) Install the tutorial's java-based socks proxy. (just copy it to the root of your device)

    c) Install the shortcut from the tutorial in your start menu.

    d) set up and ad hoc WIFI connection between the two devices.

    e) find out the IP of your host device using a utility like vxutil.

    f) run the socks proxy using the shortcut you created earlier

    g) enter the IP address from the host plus :8080 as a proxy on your client device.

    h) start surfing - the proxy only works for web access.

    Hope that helps - it seems to work pretty well for me.

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    I just checked, and like an access point it actually allows multiple devices to connect simultaneously, which is really cool.

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    Very cool info Surur. AFW can you tell me more about how you'll be using this? I'm intrigued

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    Wow, thanks! The reason I'm wanting to do this is that I'd like to upgrade my iPod to a Touch, which surfs the net over Wifi only. Web pages are sooo much prettier on Safari on the Touch than they are on the Treo, and many non-mobile web pages which are pretty much unusable on the Treo work great on the Touch. So we'd like to have mobile web browsing on Safari, but I ain't buying an iPhone and paying AT&T for their crummy EDGE network when I've got EVDO already on my Treo, and, well, I *love* my Treo so I'm sort of hoping to get the best of both worlds.

    We should be getting the Touch this week or next week, I'll post here in a week or two and let you know if this worked!

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