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    Ok, not quite, I'm still routing for Palm, but I've gotten tired of waiting for a new PalmOS that's going to allow for interesting new technologies like multi-tasking! Anyway, who knows, if/when they do come out with something in a couple of years, I can always go back.

    That being said, I just switched over to a Treo 700wx and am trying to rewire my brain to a whole new way of doing things. I'm wondering if there is any place other then these forums that would be good for a long-time Treo/PalmOS user to make the transition.

    One quick and really dumb question I have relates to memory. Can I put programs on an SD card in the same way that I can in PalmOS? Does it work basically the same? I'm reading stuff here, the manual, and just haven't gotten to that part yet I guess. There seems to be so much to relearn, but at least the phone itself is very familiar!
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    Look at the 2nd and 3rd threads in this forum for a good intro. The SD card on WM works like an extra drive, not like POS really. When you install you can choose to install to the main memory or the storage card and the programs run directly from their (not copied to RAM and back after use)
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