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    Just thought I would throw this out there. I recently switched to Weather Panel and using the same update frequency as i did with SPB weather I am now getting at least 15% more battery life throughout the course of the day. I have made no other changes to my device other than deleting SPB and installing WP.
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    On (sort-of) the lines of your subject (SPB Weather vs. WP) What was the memory difference?
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    from a program vs program perspective fairly large. especially when you consider the icon set. I would say wp takes up about 6 megs total. spb was about 2. but there no comparison between the two programs. wp is 10 times the app spb is.
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    No argument here. The reason I ask (promise not to laugh too hard!!!) is that I have WP on my memory card now (I love it, and will not do without), but I use Slide2Lock, and it has the capability to show weather on the lock page, but will crash all the time taking t6he weather data from the card, so I now have SPB weather installed on my phone for that alone. I didn't think WP would fit on my phone WITH Slide2Lock, but I took the chance that since you just switched you would know the memory footprint of each!!!

    Thanks for confirming my idea!!

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