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    Im trying to log into treocentral from my treo to be able to post and download direct from my treo and it does not keep my information log in. It shows logging in but then just returns to the log in screen.

    I have cookies turned on the treo.?? Any help
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    I had this same problem the other day. Never had the problem with my previous 700wx I used to use. What I did was go to the main site and login there. I was able to enter my user name and password successfully. Then I went back to and it had stored my user data correctly.
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    It's the AT&T/Cingular proxy that's screwing you up.
    Disable it:
    Remember to completely shut down IE after making the edit. (Hold OK and press "stop" on internet explorer in the memory task manager)

    If you're using the leaked WM6 ROM, there's a 'proxy manager' included which does this for you. But for the current WM5 version you have to use the .cab or .reg file from my web site.
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    installed the can to disable and enable and it works... great. do i ever have to enable it again if i dont use cingular video?
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    Only need to enable it if you want to go to the media net site (which isn't totally useless) at http://devive.home/ or, as you said for cinguar video. Otherwise no, I see no reason to ever need it.
    In some cases you may see slightly faster web browsing but I think the proxy is more trouble than benefit.
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